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What is #IGCParty?

#IGCParty 2017 is a social media based conference designed to celebrate the indie game community. It is a continuation of the previous events #GamesMatter and #IndieXmas, events founded by IndieGamerChick, both of which began as a way to bring gamers and developers together by giving away free games and highlighting the best aspects of the indie game community.

As more people were recruited for the next event, the concept grew into this new, truly special idea.

Our plan is straightforward: Bring the indie game community together for the first all digital indie game conference. Over the course of the five day event, we will feature ten unique games and their developers, giving away codes for each game through a number of social media platforms. Each featured developer will talk about their game and its development in a Twitch or YouTube interview.

Meanwhile, our volunteers will be giving out donated codes for other games by the handful to anyone that follows the basic #IGCParty rules:

  • Don’t take something you aren’t going to play.
  • Do tell the world about the game! We’re not asking for a review (Though we’d love to read them!) just that you talk the game through social media with the #IGCParty tag.

You can donate codes to #IGCParty by contacting our Twitter account @IndieGamerTeam and Cathy’s Twitter account @indiegamerchick This means you can donate extra codes from bundles/whatever that I know will otherwise sit in your library for just about forever.

Developers interested in donating codes for their games can reach out as well. We suggest putting your game on sale for the week of the event, too! For donating codes for your game, we will make a digital booth on our website!

You can buy IndieGamerChick a birthday present by donating to the Epilepsy Foundation in her name. See here for info.

The event will run from July 10th to July 14th

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