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Aki deals with IGT’s review related emails, if you are a developer, publisher, or PR group and would like to request us to p/review a game, it goes to Aki. We do not do news, we only do previews and reviews. All other emails on this page are for team verification purposes only.


Aki (darkmikasonfire)
Editor and Chief, writer, reviewer, code distributor, IGT PR person… I’m pretty much the full package. I’m Aki, the resident non-competitive, blind, lesbian. I’m forever 28, until I feel like I can’t pull that off even in fantasy land. I’m a reviewer for games on Xbox and Steam, an editor for the site, the email individual for the group, and the fear… well fearful leader of this merry band. I like tacos, pizza, burgers, orange fries, anime, games, foreign action/romance films, and filthy perverse things. I dislike mushrooms, fish, pork, loud noises, slimey stuff, and spiders.
My favorite game is The Legend of Dragoon and my favorite indie, which is also my second favorite game is Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. My favorite game series are .hack, .hack//G.U., Dark Cloud, GunGrave, Splinter Cell, Onimusha, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect. My favorite genres are Action Stealth like Dishonored, Thief, and Splinter Cell; RPGs; JRPGs; and Visual Novels. Granted I won’t say no to an FPS either.
My hated genres are sports which includes Racing, MMOs because there’s too much grinding and not in the good way, & MultiPlayer focused games which are typically FPS, think Destiny, Call of Duty, and Titanfall.

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DJF (djf1107)
Hi! I’m Djf and I live with quadapledgic cerebral palsy. As such, I tend to play things that don’t require quick reflexes. I’m very social and take great care in friends and people around me. I’m always down to talk about cerebral palsy and accessibility as well as indies in general.

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Stevie Patamon
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Hi, I’m Mcportugalem and I was born in 97. I can’t quite recall whether it was the Game Boy Color or my brother’s Mega Drive I first picked up, but either way ever since I was 3, gaming has been one of my favorite pastimes. From the original Mega Drive to the PS4, going through every Sega and Sony Console in between I have cultivated my tastes. There really isn’t a genre I massively dislike but I like Platformers the most. Anything that seeks to recreate the 8 or 16 bit games of my toddler years always catches my eye, though with so many hours on the original Zoo Tycoon I’m flexible to any sort of game.

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