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William Shelton
Editor-in-Chief and occasional writer of stuff. I like Metal, Video Games and really bad puns. Currently a student at Gonzaga University majoring in Broadcasting.

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I’m Aki, I’m a lesbian, I’m blind as a mole, I have like next to no competitive drive, and I don’t get along with people… oh yeah and I review games on Xbox and Steam. I like tacos, pizza, burgers, Checkers/Rally’s fries, anime, games, foreign action/romance films, and naughty naughty things. I dislike mushrooms, fish, pork, loud noises, slimey stuff, and spiders. My favorite game is The Legend of Dragoon and my favorite indie, which is also my second favorite game is Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice. My favorite game series are .hack, .hack//G.U., Dark Cloud, Gungrave, Splinter Cell, Onimusha, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect. My favorite genres are Action Stealth like Dishonored, Theif, and Splinter Cell; RPGs; JRPGs; and Visual Novels. Granted I won’t say no to an FPS either. My hated genres are sports which includes racing, MMOs because there’s too much grinding and not in the good way, & MultiPlayer centric games which are typically FPS, think Destiny, Call of Duty, and Titanfall. You can find my contact info here:

Contact Info: