Handsome Mr. Frog

For me there is nothing better than having little, fun, arcade-y games in between big gaming sessions. Those little games that last about 3-10 minutes to play, but have you wanting ‘just one more go’. Handsome Mr Frog falls squarely into this little category of gaming.


The rules are simple. Keep Mr. Frog alive, and take out all the enemies in each stage to progress onto the next. You do this through grabbing enemies with Mr. Frog’s long tongue and spitting them out into other enemies (or if you don’t have any other enemies about, chucking boxes around the level also works). It’s an incredible basic mechanic but its one that works like a dream thanks to tight snappy controls, colorful and clear artwork and a fun chiptune soundtrack that never manages to loop too much to be annoying.

Handsome Mr. Frog is a perfect little palate cleanser of a game and while it is admittedly repetitive, the pick up and play nature and the tiny price negates this totally. So guess what? I completely recommend this little gem of a game!

headerHandsome Mr. Frog was developed by Cowboy Color

$0.99 or £0.79p gives you plenty of small 2-10 minute rounds of play – You can find this over on STEAM.

James is awarding Handsome Mr. Frog the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.

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