Starlight Vega open.jpgStarlight Vega is a lesbian action Visual Novel game. For those of you unfamiliar with VNs, an Action VN has choices you make in the game which put you down different routes, leading to different types of endings. It’s akin to a choose your own adventure book in game format. Most of time VNs like this get labeled as a Dating Sim since you can romance various characters in the game. There is a difference but that’s a conversation for anther time. Playing through action VNs numerous times is normal, the reason for this is because each route you can take leads to good and bad ends with different characters it also tends to display new information in the story with each route you take. In order to get the full story and really understand each character you need to play through every single route. Starlight Vega focuses on you, Aria, and your interactions with your cute friend Melody, a red hot demon Lyria, and a book of spells.

In Starlight Vega you have the typical good and bad routes for each character, a harem route, and a no love route. The characters in this VN mostly fill out the general character archetypes you find in games like this. There’s the shy nerdy girl, the bubbly one, and the cold bitchy one. However thankfully, they’re not just that. The worst character in was Melody who was the shy nerdy childhood friend tropes, she doesn’t have a great deal of development, thankfully the others have significantly more development. The best example of this was Lyria, at first she’s shown as just a really bubbly air-headed bimbo. But later on, it’s explained that that was a feint to try and make you like her, and instead she fairly smart and has a plethora of emotions, ranging from depression about her life, to anger over how her sister treats her, to unbridled rage and those who fuck with her.

Starlight Vega Choice.jpgEach route tells you more about not just the character you’re trying to romance but also about the world, specifically it explains more about the ‘demon’ world and how it interacts with our world, it also explains different chunks of the overall story. The routes shine whole new lights on the characters, especially Scherza. Each route even the bad ones give you new unique information and views. In games like this, that’s what it’s all about. I really enjoy learning about characters’ worlds, and this VN has a lot of that.

Starlight Vega often has various characters talking together, and thankfully uses nameplates. Nameplates are when a character’s name shows up when they talk so you know who is talking. Many VNs use this because it makes it really easy to follow the conversation and doesn’t require a constant use of ‘x character said’. This VN is focused on character conversation rather than environmental narration. In other words there’s not a lot of the narrator talking about where someone is, if that’s brought up it’s very small or a character is asking another character about the area they’re in. It would rather have conversations between characters to further the plot.

Starlight Vega Scherza.jpgThe game’s main motif’s are love, betrayal, and vengeance. It talks about how far some people will go to punish those who have wronged them and how it can spiral out of control because of anger. It also talks about how far some people will go to right the wrongs that have been done to them and their people, and how they can commit terrible deeds themselves, because of their mistrust, in their search to right those wrongs.

This game does allude to sex a few times in it and even has a few sex scenes in it, but most of the time it doesn’t feel forced. There was a scene or two that felt a bit weird, but most of them felt fluid and right for the story at the time they happened. The only real issue I had with anything in the game was Lyria, she’s a bit, what’s the word, molest-y maybe. At first when you meet her she’s all about trying to sleep with you and that’s all she’s really interested in and she’s excessively touchy feely about it. I would state she’s trying to seduce you, but she’s not really that seductive. It’s more “I have big tits let’s have sex and you be my slave forever what do ya say?” All while half humping your leg. As the story develops you see why she was acting like that and see other sides of her that actually make her a real character instead of… well like the garbage she seems to be at first. I personally started off hating Lyria, I thought she was despicable and disgusting but I ended up loving her later on, and at first I loved Melody but ended up not much caring about her in the end.

I think game is worth the $15 it asks for. It’ll probably take 15-20 hours to beat without help to get every major scene viewed. There’s a nice gallery that fills up with the major picture moments in the game as you find them. The game had a few moments that made me tear up, most of it made me feel fairly happy, and a bunch of parts made me laugh rather heartily. There’s also a demo if you’d like to try it before making that glorious purchase that you will end up making. You could save yourself some time and just buy the game, but go ahead and give that demo a try if you want.

Starlight Vega banner.jpgStarlight Vega was developed by: Razzart Visual

Point of Sale: Steam

$15.00: Would you go to hell for the one you loved?



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