header.jpgPlanet RIX-13… what can I say about this? Well first it’s an adventure game that’s kind of like a quick point and click game. Instead of controlling a pointer you simply move the character instead. By quick I mean if you know what you’re doing it takes like around twenty minutes to beat.


You play as an unnamed spaceship pilot who somehow manages to crash on a planet. Turns out the planet was used for research by some other group of things, seemingly of the same-ish race as the pilot since they understand the written language. You have to solve some puzzles to collect some things to allow you to escape the planet. There you go, that is the entire story, not even in a nut shell.


Since you move the character themselves instead of a pointer, it works really well with a controller so console players don’t need to worry. I… don’t really have many opinions on it, it wasn’t bad or good it simply just existed. The game was over too fast for me to develop any feelings towards it. There are a couple ‘puzzles’ that are annoying but most of them are super straight forward and simple to understand.


1.jpgNow the review is effectively done, this is just ay for your info bit. I’m not giving this game the seal of approval as you’re going to see later on. It’s not that I hated the game. For me the seal goes if I like a game more than I dislike it. So if it’s fifty-one percent like and forty-nine percent dislike, then it gets the seal. That being said I’ve never had anything reach that close of a call before. This game though, it got like three percent like and dislike and ninety-four percent I couldn’t develop a single fuck to give. The game didn’t have any character development for your character, there weren’t any other characters, the story was next to non-existent, the game took me in two playthroughs to obtain every single achievement however that took like fifty minutes total time. There’s nothing there you have to do some serious work to get a game where people can develop a fuck to give in an hour. The game wasn’t made to be cute, the game had no character interactions, and there was no real active narrative so there wasn’t really anything that it could provide you to really pull you in. The game could have started with you just seeing your character in a box and saying you have to push any button to open the box, and upon doing so the game ends. You would have had just as much care for the character and the story as you will in this game. It just doesn’t work for me. You have to have some sort of hook and this one didn’t have one. For achievement/trophy hunters here you go, an hour max for 2 playthroughs and one hundred percent completion, enjoy.




header.jpgPlanet RIX-13 was developed by: 9 Eyes Game Studio

Point of Sale: Steam, X1, Switch, PS4/Vita

$3 on Steam (includes DLC), $5 on X1/Switch, Unlisted on PS4


A copy was obtained via the publisher Sometimes You.

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