One Eyed Kutkh is a point and click game that I assume is for young children. You play as Kutkh an alien that has crash landed on a tiny planet. The crash has damaged your ship and you need to collect the parts to get off the planet and go home. That’s it.

2.jpgThere’s no words, no language, there is gibberish sounds the characters ‘speak’ with but otherwise everything is stated through basic pictures. This is brought maybe a bit too far. For example the entire settings menu is all pictures too and honestly thanks to that I have no idea what all of the very minimal settings do. I know one shows credits and I THINK one lets you replay chunks of the game, and the last one I have no idea what it does because messing with it didn’t seem to do anything.

I didn’t like the no words, all picture way of telling the story. The concept has worked in other games, but it didn’t here. There were a few times I couldn’t figure out exactly what to do because the pictures just didn’t mean anything to me. Thankfully most of them were simple. I guess I just don’t have quite the child’s imagination anymore, I don’t know.

1.jpgI’d tell you more about the game but it took me like forty to fifty minutes to beat. Oh uh the sound, I stated that everyone spoke gibberish; yeah it was annoying. The music I don’t know if it was all similar or just the same but it rather quickly got on my nerves so I put on headphones and listened to a podcast while playing it. It’s not that the music itself was terrible or anything, but you can’t listen to JUST THAT, for fucking 50 minutes. Just no. Fuck. That.

At first I thought it was going to be a bit childish because of the general look of the game but I didn’t realize it was going to be quite as ‘for kids’ as it actually was. I was expecting something more akin to like TSIOQUE or Monkey Island or something, something for older kids around pre-teen level and the like. This was for young, young kids; if they understand how to play Fortnite they are over-prepared for this game. This is like baby’s first game type game; right up there with games that teach basic maths.

Because of this, it ended up not being fun for me. But I’m, at least I fucking hope, not the target demographic for this game. I also haven’t found a need to pop out a kid so I don’t have that to play this either. I thought it was cute sometimes but overall this was fairly bland and yeah. I’m also slightly biased as I don’t much care for point and clicks but even if I was I think this is quite simply just too basic and kiddy for me or most of you for that matter.


header.jpgOne Eyed Kutkh was developed by: Baba Yaga Games

Point of Sale: Steam, X1, PS4, PS Vita, Switch

$3 on Steam, $5 everywhere else


A review copy was provided by the developer Baba Yaga Games.

darkmikasonfire has awarded Kutkh a quick death, but that’s it.