1.jpgAccess Denied is a safe cracking puzzle game. You just have to figure out how to get the boxes to open that’s it. There’s no instructions for any of the puzzles, there are hints on each level but they’re hidden ON the box itself and sometimes rather hard to see. There’s often multiple locks on different sides of the box which you can rotate. As such this is going to be an incredibly short review.

The game is mostly fairly easy, it’s thirty-six levels total, most of them are really straight forward and simple. There’s a few here and there that are fairly difficult. Level thirty-five, I believe anyways, is widely touted as the hardest because it has no real hint to it and it’s complicated to figure out to understand why it is what it is. However it’s the only really bad one, the rest you can figure out and understand though it might take some time. Most of the levels there’s one single lock but you have to go through various steps to figure out different parts of the lock. The longer you play it the faster you figure them out I believe because you start to figure out how the maker was thinking.

Now I’ll admit I’m biased towards loving this game, it’s pure puzzle I love puzzles they make me the happinesses. Ummm… what else to say… uhhh… ummmm…. Well there uhhh it’s kinda…. Just play it you can beat it in a couple hours easy. That’s it, that’s all I got.

header.jpgAccess Denied was developed by: Stately Snail and ported by Ratalaika Games
Point of Sale: X1, PS4, Vita, Steam, Switch
$3 on Steam, $5 everywhere else


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