2.jpgOne Drop Bot is… a platformer I guess I’ll call it, its genre is weird. You’re a robot and you have to solve little hard puzzles, survive each room to get to the end, and move onto the next room. It has both puzzle and minor platforming elements. I don’t know if this is supposed to be a rage game, it’s really hard, but it didn’t really make me scream profanities at the screen, so I’m just not sure if it’s a rager or not. Some of you will rage though, cause it’s so so hard. I did not give it the credit it was due when I saw it. You can supposedly complete it in sub three minute times on the hardest difficulty. How? I have no idea. I saw that achievement, “Oh beat it in under three minutes? Okay, this shouldn’t be too bad.” I was wrong, so, so very wrong. Over an hour later on NORMAL difficulty and I still hadn’t beaten it… I STILL haven’t even gotten halfway through it I don’t think, it’s so, so hard.

Anyways, you play as this random lil robot dude. Many rooms, at least that I’ve managed to get to, have laser weapons and mirrors of different types, as well as pits and swinging blades, and… I haven’t gotten far so I can’t even fathom what all else is in it. You can pick up… lives I guess I’ll call them, kinda like heart containers in The Legend of Zelda games, they let you get pelted by something that does damage one more time than usual before you die. These are a godsend, for people who aren’t me probably. They do me no good cause I suck, just really, really suck.

1.jpgThere’s no story unless it’s pulled out of the dev’s butt at the very end, which I don’t think is the case. It’s simply a complete the room to get to the next one, the end. I can appreciate that for games like this as it’s like an escape the room game, and I like those. However, there is one issue in my eyes, the controls. They’re a bit finicky. You can push mirrors and the like around, but you have to hit them at a specific angle or else they just won’t move, and since the game has a timer it is very, very annoying. Another issue is the camera, you can move it to make things easier for you to do certain things, but it fights with you tooth and nail. In one area you have to go into this short tunnel with a bunch of spinning blades in it. Even though the tunnel is maybe twice as long as your character is tall, the camera just isn’t able to get into a good area for you to see things close enough without spazzing out thanks to the tunnel walls. Some areas in the game I think a fixed camera would work better, for instance, you have to jump onto moving platforms over a pit, if it just instantly pulled the camera to a top down view that would be great. That’s the best way to do it and almost everyone, if not everyone, will be putting the camera there anyways so they don’t fall into the pit. That being said, this is a complete a room and die type game. Though, to the dev’s credit, there is a hint system and you can use it as much as you want whenever you want. The system gives you a simple small hint about the area that will help you complete it. The hints are actually really good at that, at least the ones for the areas I’ve been too, which again isn’t a great deal cause I am a crap gamer.


header.jpgOne Drop Bot was developed by: David Draper Jr.

Point of Sale: Steam



_The Seal.pngA review copy was provided by the developer David Draper Jr.

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