Tower of Babel – no mercy is a definitive edition port of the mobile game, Tower of Babel. Developed by DNA Studios, Tower of Babel is a multiplayer, tower stacker. The game is designed to appeal to children and adults alike. Mobile games don’t usually make the best console experience, so I was intrigued to see how this would translate.


Tower of Babel – no mercy has a few simple modes. In Co-op you and a partner try to build the tallest tower you can on a team. Selfish sees you, by yourself or with opponents, trying not to topple a tower as you build it. Battle sees you competing against another team with each having their own tower. Gameplay is extremely easy to understand. A rope swings and you choose when you drop the floor attached to the rope. There are multiple characters, each with their own special moves.

Tower of Babel – no mercy is not the prettiest looking game, but is definitely not the ugliest either. It takes a simplistic, geometric art style. Each shape is exaggerated and colorful. This type of art is easy to work with, and super easy for systems to handle. So even the oven that is day one Switch units can take this game on with no issues! I like it a lot. It’s just bubbly enough to not be annoying. The sound effects and music repeat a lot, and it got grating in an extended play-session with my cousin!


Tower of Babel began as a mobile game. An easy to hop into, but ultimately not long-lasting, title meant to quench your thirst for excitement while standing in line for the Wal*Mart deli cheese sticks. It’s simple nature translated well to console buttons, something not many mobile games manage when hopping to the Switch. I’m not sure how easily I could recommend it for a higher price-tag, but the game definitely earns my seal of approval. This won’t be something you revisit time and time again, so maybe it’s better you grab the original mobile version.

TOBNMLOGOTower of Babel – no mercy was developed by DNA Studio

Available on Nintendo Switch

Available for $9.99




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