Master Magistrate is a judge-based, visual novel. I can’t really tell you if it’s kinetic or adventure because it has styles of both in it. There are choices, but most of them are false and just send you back to the choice until you pick the right one. Near the end there are a few choices that actually impact the story though, so it’s mostly kinetic with an adventure ending maybe? Anyways, you play as Shimei Ooka, the newly appointed Magistrate at the Oukacho Nakamachi magistrate’s office. This is set in ye olde as fuck times. So basically you are an investigator and both the judge and jury to send someone off to execution. Something Shimei takes very seriously as his father is also a magistrate. The Nakamachi magistrate office is brand new and made simply to take some of the stress off the other two major magistrate offices, one of which Shimei’s father works for. But as you solve these crimes, you eventually uncover a plot centered around you that involves the shogunate and has cost many people their very lives, leaving you unsure of who to trust, and with just your big brain to solve the case.

1.jpgThe game basically has you working on solving crimes, listening to statements, debating with the various parties that could be the culprit to get to the truth of the matter, and eventually judging someone for the crime to be punished, most of which are executions. I don’t think you can really screw up any but the last judgement, as every bad choice just sends you back to choose again until you get it right. However, you get graded on each trial you perform whether there’s a judgement or not. Getting the “master magistrate” rank means you’re the very best, like no one ever waaaaaaaaas… err sorry old TV show’s opening stuck in my head right now. It’s a fairly long game, taking me twenty-nine hours to finish the main story. After that there’s a bonus story which is like fifteen minutes long and five romances that you can create, three from the epilogue, and two you have to find in the main game and make new choices, all of which I assume are sizably long as the first one took me four hours to get through just the first forty percent of it, which turn from getting closer to the chosen girl then a bunch of fucking with a tiny bit of story between each session of fucking. So yeah there is some nudity in the game before the epilogue but not much, the epilogues though, oh boy, so much neekidness because they’re effectively tiny romance, then tons of fuck-story. That being said, I don’t know if the fuck-story bit is part of the standard game or not, as I got this before release and there was an adult patch to it which you had to install separately, however, it sounded like it was going to be included as part of the main game at release, so.. I’m just not sure.

2.jpgThe judgements are sometimes difficult if you don’t have a big brain like me, but they’re fun and you can save scum, like me, if you’re as dumb as, well, me. There are also guides out already, cause some people are crazy like that, that tell you exactly how to do every judgement perfectly. I totally one hundred percent used this to make things easier for myself because, again, I’m kind of a derp. Big brain Aki isn’t a common occurrence cause I don’t like using my brain, most of it is being used to further my anxiety anyways so it wouldn’t help. The whole game is voice acted, other than Shimei, because you’re the main character, and get to make the judgements and be the badass. All the voices are nice, I rather enjoyed them. Even the side characters in the judgements have voices, not just the main cast. The music is beautifully done and after you finish the game, you unlock all the songs in a music gallery, and there are a lot of them, you can also flip on an 8-bit version in the sound options, I didn’t notice a difference but I wasn’t paying a lot of attention. The art is really good, the guys are fairly manly, and the women are gorgeous, it’s a good life yo.

I’ll give you the very basic gist of most of the cases you’ll work on but only that cause I don’t want you to learn the overall plot or anything, play the game for that shit. The first case is a murder case that you have to Sherlock. The second case is a big apartment fire where someone died and you have to figure out how the fire started. The third case is about a thief and a murder. The fourth and last case is the big one that ties all this shit together that I won’t spoil because it’s really cool. Well then, I guess after all that there’s also the Bonus case which deals with fanservice and missing clothes. After that, again, it’s just the epilogues where you get some story about you getting close to your character of choice, then a metric fuckton of fuck-story. It has nice pictures with it too, tits galore. After all, five girls go with five pairs of tits and ten total titty, hehe ten total titty, I like that. I think the girls’ vaginas and Shimei’s penis are all mosaiced over though, but you can still clearly see what’s going on, I mean it’s fuck-story.

3Overall, I like this, but it’s not made for the masses, I mean clearly it’s not. It’s a visual novel, but if you’re looking for pure fuck-fest type ones, this very much isn’t it until you put in the time and effort to beat the game, then you kinda get it. If you don’t want nudity in the game then uhh… maybe not for you if it’s part of the game now. Hopefully, they added it in and will add a nudity toggle for you so that you can block them out cause I know some people can’t stand the thought of seeing tits, like they’re some evil horrifying thing or some shit. But if you’d like to be a judgemental bastard and judge some people as a judge, then this is for you. I really liked it, I got really into it, it was super fun for me, ironically, me the super perv, was kinda bored in the sex stuff, cause there’s just so little story around it. It’s like hey we’re cleaning the bathhouse, oh I slipped into the water, let’s fuck. That just doesn’t quite do it for me, but for all you guys out there, there you go. You get that porno plot with the epilogues after it’s actual proper story bit getting close to the girl which I did enjoy. Oh yeah, one more thing, the sex scenes are voice acted and have sounds, enjoy.


header.jpgMaster Magistrate was developed by IRODORI.

Point of Sale: Steam.



_The Seal.pngA review copy of the game was provided by the localization group ShiraVN.

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