Almost My Floor: Prologue, is a demo for, and this might come as a huge surprise to some of you, Almost My Floor. OH MY GAWD, HOLY SHIT! right? Well this is a point and click adventure game where you play as Alex, someone who’s, hmmmm, how to say batshit crazy nicely… Uhhh, he’s batshit crazy, that works. You start off the game in cuffs at a police station being interrogated so they can figure out what happened at the apartment building you live at. And you, knowing you’re going to sound almost as crazy as you are, tell the officer.

This isn’t very long, you can beat it in maybe ten minutes. Your character sees things normally but things start to go downhill for his mental fortitude fairly quickly. Turns out he stopped taking his, I believe, anti-psychotics a week ago, which might be why he suddenly is seeing shit, said shit is very demonic and gooey and gross. You get a couple options in the game to deal with things in a, well cause I’m a mass effect fan, paragon or renegade usually by dealing with stuff non-violently, or by killing the shit out of things. The game keeps track of your choices, however there’s not really much implementation of it in the prologue, nothing really changes. For example, the first instance you get to make a choice, if you go renegade you end up seeing it’s ghost telling others to attack you and you have to survive a three part minigame, if you deal with it in a paragon manner, then the things attack you and you have to survive a three part minigame then it shows up and tells them not to attack you. Either way you still have to survive the three part minigame and it’s the same difficulty regardless. I presume in the full game you will likely get good or bad ends based on paragon and renegade choices. You can die numerous ways in the game which are interesting but the game starts you right there because it autosaves fairly often, which is nice so you can actually just watch all the different death scenes just to do it.

There’s some issues with control, you have to click around to make the character walk, and you have to click areas to interact with things, however you can hover directly over an item and it may not show an interact action on it, because it’s finicky, maybe you need to click just to the left, maybe just under it, everything has its own hit/interaction box and it’s not necessarily where it should be. Also I found an issue after I picked up an item and died, the item was lost and I couldn’t pick it back up, which prevented me from being able to complete the demo, so I had to restart it completely which was annoying, but the next time I was fine.

I like what’s here, it needs some polish but it doesn’t seem bad if you like the more horrory point and clicks, or just point and clicks in general. Sadly there’s just not much here, so I can’t tell you very much about it. It had some menus for sound, which didn’t seem to matter for cutscenes which was really annoying as purposely lowered the volume cause that stuff was too loud and that didn’t help for shit. That was the last bad thing about it, that’s really all there is to it.

Almost My Floor: Prologue was developed by Potata Company.

Point of Sale: Steam, with the full game to be released in February of 2021.

Prologue is free starting on Oct 5

A preview copy of the demo was provided by the devs.

darkmikasonfire thinks you should keep an eye on Almost My Floor and should try Almost My Floor: Prologue when it’s out on the 5th.