Okay this is going to be short because I was bad, like really bad at this game, and when I say that, I mean like ‘I can’t beat Cuphead’s tutorial double jump level’ levels of bad. This is an autorunner where you play as a spider, it can run on walls, ceilings, the floor, and it can even jump up onto other items as long as they’re close enough to you, within two blocks above your body. Because of the jumping you can find a way to turn yourself around so you run the other direction, but it’s all sorts of annoying to figure it out, I believe it requires you to jump to two different items and back to your own which is simply hard to do.

You might be thinking, why do you care which way you’re running, can you be so shit at the game. Well there’s a bunch of things that can kill you and put you back to your last save point: spikes, electric wisps, steam vents, and weird steam balls that move around. Well in the tutorial area, there’s a bunch of little presents that you have to walk into, you collect them and they tell you more about how to play the game. I was trying to get the last few of them and got into an area that I couldn’t actually escape from, never figured out how to get to the last few tutorials either. I kept trying and kept trying and I couldn’t figure it out, I am a derp and I accept that. It’s not typically hard to avoid items that kill you because you have the ability to stop moving, granted that doesn’t let you turn around or anything but you can stop so that you can avoid danger. This ability to just stop, but not hammer time sadly, lets you see how dangers move, and time your ability to get through them without dying, super useful and will be used all the bloody time.

The graphics are good, but they don’t look realistic or anything, so if you’re terrified of spiders your character isn’t threatening or anything, they aren’t particularly scary. I hate spiders, they freak me right the fuck out, and I was okay, it’s very cartoony and pixelly, I wouldn’t necessarily call it cute cause it’s still a spider but that’s clearly what the dev was aiming for, cute. For people not absolutely terrified of spiders maybe it is cute, for everyone else it’s just, not scary.

Sadly I have no idea if this is a good autorunner or not, that’s not a genre I’m familiar with. I don’t much care for autorunners, they bore me honestly. They’re well made for phones though, just something quick and easy you can play on the go, however I don’t have a phone for that kind of stuff, I use a really old flip phone, so the perks of this type of game are lost on me.

All in all, I think it’s decent at what it does, I just don’t find what it does to be particularly fun myself. The game could use some volume controls outside of just muting and unmuting things, but that’s not really something worth complaining about honestly. It has cute graphics and it doesn’t seem too hard but it is fairly challenging as I found out, or maybe I’m derpier than I thought, which is fully a possibility too, it is me after all.

Arachnowopunk was developed by Benny Heller.

Point of Sale: itch.io and it was recently released on Google Play Store.


A review copy of the game was provided by the dev.

darkmikasonfire doesn’t give Arachnowopunk the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.