I hope she’s okay is a walking sim where you play as Unna, whether that’s her real name or just her uhhh… well Twitter handle, I guess? You’ve gone to visit your friend in her remote cabin in Finland. I don’t remember the friend’s name but it starts with a K. *shrugs* As is life, you know? Well she’s missing and you have to look for clues to find her.

Okay so lots of the game takes place more with you taking pictures of things, these things are predetermined, and you write tweets on pictures or information. You, yourself, don’t write them but you either get to choose whether you write a tweet or sometimes you get a choice between two options. You often have to find something, often it’s a key, and they’re not too hard to find, just have to find them when the story tells you to really.

The game talks about a piece of folklore called the Nakki, a water spirit, which looks something akin to a Kappa mixed with I guess the monster from the movie The Shape of Water. Sadly there’s not a lot to do with the folklore which is sad, but apparently they’re a creature parents scare kids with so they don’t go off and swim unattended, to avoid them drowning. It’s an interesting creature, and seems like it could be some cool Finnish folklore. Only problem is, the game is so short that you don’t get much about it. Basically it’s just here’s a blurb about the creature, and some people in her tweets tell her they have different stories about it, but not what those stories are or anything.

I think a big problem with why there’s so little in this is simply because the game is short you can beat it in an hour or so. It’s a decent little game, most of what you’re doing is finding keys to open doors to take pictures or find bits of information, all so that you can tweet about it, or not if you don’t want to. The art is fairly good, albeit a bit cartoony in color and kind of more along the lines of basic in design but not so much it’s bad. The only item that I thought looked actively bad was the other character you see in the game, and I’m not telling you who it is cause that’s part of the story.

All in all, I enjoyed the game. It’s a pretty solid piece of work for one person especially as their first creation. Though I do admit I’m biased I absolutely LOVE games about folklore from any country, that stuff is my jam. This one has a minimal amount due to its size, hopefully they make another one that focuses more on the folklore pieces and gives us longer games that give us more information. I look forward to what Inka, the developer, creates in the future.

I hope she’s okay was developed by Inkakamu.

Point of Sale: Steam.

$9.50 which is one of the weirder prices I’ve seen.

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A review copy of the game was provided by the dev, Inka.

darkmikasonfire barely awards I hope she’s okay the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval. Hopefully next time there’s more folklore and it’s more in depth.