Update: Corrected an incorrect link to game and fixed a the name of a developer as it was incorrectly listed.

This is going to be a very very short review. The Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler is the sequel to The Bunny Hill Horror. It’s an adventure visual novel, with limited choices as it wants you to go down a specific path, so many of your choices end up in dead ends either because the game says ‘yeah no’ or because it says ‘yeah no, you die, make a new choice numbnuts’. You play as… I don’t know but you’re called Elf by one of the characters.

In the first game you took a job at a castle and the people that hired you in turn tried to use you as a guinea pig for drug testing as had happened to many a dead assistant in the past. You escape with the aid of some of the people living there. In this game you’ve gotten out and told your friends about this, and now you’ve gone to a pub nearby, except it’s owned by the same people, and they’re after you, but you can’t get away cause a guy with a gun exists. You go about doing things to try and win the bar quiz to try to get your freedom.

I’d tell you more about the game but honestly the game is gibberish to me. I couldn’t keep up with the weirdness that oozed out of it every three seconds. I honestly can’t tell you much about the game because it was nonsensical. I believe the game is made as a photo collage with various filters applied to different things, which gives it a rather cool look to it if nothing else. It’s short, only took me maybe an hourish to beat, not that, that helped it make any sense.

Overall, it looks good, but it’s weird, nonsensical, gibberish. If you’re into weird shit, go for it. Otherwise, try it anyways, it’s free on itch.io, so fuck it might as well try the damn thing. I totally suggest playing the first one first, cause it helps the story make sense… a little, not much, but a little. It’s not a game for me cause my brain couldn’t keep up with what was going on. It isn’t for kids though, it’s for eighteen plus audiences.

The Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler was developed by Krunchy Fried Games.

Point of Sale: itch.io.

It’s free.

A review copy of the game was provided by one of the devs, Dominic O’Reilly.

darkmikasonfire doesn’t award The Bunny Hill Horror: Bunny Boiler the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.

They don’t have a trailer for the game, just a playthrough, so I didn’t link to the video directly just to their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPfPtkx9GjemTXW_ZFi9ueQ