This is going to be really short since the game can be beaten in under five minutes. This is a first person game where you use a hammer to destroy ‘bugs’ that take the shape of objects. There are a specific number of ‘bugs’ in each level which it dictates, and a time limit if you haven’t turned the option off. The bugs take the shape of standard objects in the level, however they aren’t in places they should be. A couple examples of that would be like a fridge in the middle of a room facing with the back to the side instead of against the wall, or a second toilet in a stall, a chair out in the middle of a room, etc. They’re pretty easy to find once you understand that.

The game is an allegory for cancer, likely lung cancer due to the banner picture for the game. The allegory becomes obvious near the end of that ten to fifteen minutes of the first run of the game because you show up in a doctor’s office being told you have terminal cancer. The whole game game seems to be chemotherapy, with the player being the chemo. You go around destroying the fake imitations of the objects in the level which when broken show the disgusting visage of the mass underneath, which is akin to chemo destroying the deformed broken cells that make up cancer itself. Lastly, between each level you also talk to your ‘boss’ who progressively becomes sicker and obtains growths, like cancerous tumors.

It’s a decent game, it’s nothing amazing, but it’s a good fast game. You move around and you have an interaction button which smashes shit with the hammer, like doors. It’s a very simple and quick game. Also another thing in it’s favor, it’s completely free and it requires little more than a potato to play the fucking thing. At the very least, it’s free and quick, so fucking at least give it a try, you don’t like it, fine, it took like maybe ten seconds to download. Just give it a try, that’s all I ask.

Perfect Vermin was developed by Maceo bob Mair and Angad Matharoo.

Point of Sale: Steam.

It’s completely FREE!!!!

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The game was free on Steam so the reviewer decided to try it out.

darkmikasonfire awards Perfect Vermin the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval, not because it’s amazing, but because it’s too short to find any reason to dislike it.