Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition is a platformer where you uhhh… kill… yourself. You play as an alcoholic and you’ve fallen asleep while drinking. While you’re asleep you notice your beer bottle is falling and, ever the drunk, you don’t want it falling to the ground and spilling. So in order to wake up you have to kill yourself because, as we know, you wake up when you die in a dream that’s how the world works.

If you’ve played the original Suicide Guy then you already know what this game is about, this is not that game; it DOES has the exact same mechanics but it has all new levels. The original game had like fifteen levels or something, this one has like around thirty, I think it was twenty-eight or thirty-one or something like that when you include all the extra missions of which there are six. Three of the extra levels are from the original game, so some of it is the same, but almost all of it is new levels.

In each level you have to figure out how to kill yourself. Each level is completely different from the last. One level has you trying to wake up a dragon so it kills you. Another is you pissing off a whale so that it crushes your lighthouse, killing you in the process. Yet another, you have to make a mouse cook you alive. Like the game is all over the place.

The controls are really basic, you jump, you grab some objects to help move them around, you can throw them, crouch which isn’t really useful, and an interact button, and that’s all there is to it. So umm I’d say there’s no way to really die in it, but that’s the object of the game so you’ll actually die a lot, on purpose too.

All in all, it’s a fairly fun game, the puzzles are easier in this game than the first which is a shame, only one mission was particularly confusing, and none of them built up difficulty. That’s a problem with the both this and the previous game though, neither game builds up difficulty between levels, the levels have difficulties placed at random, with almost all of them being pretty easy. It’s good if you liked or haven’t played the last game, it’s just a quick easy game to complete and enjoy your time with, taking a couple hours to finish. Personally I enjoy killing the guy it amuses me, I might be a bad person, I don’t know.

Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition was developed by Chubby Pixel.

Point of Sale: PS4, Steam, Switch.

Price: $8

A review copy of the game was provided by the devs.

darkmikasonfire awards Suicide Guy Deluxe Edition the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.