Anna’s Quest is a point and click adventure game where you play as the Anna, a poor farm girl. She lives with her extremely overprotective grandfather who tries to keep her locked up in the house all the time. Well one day he gets sick so she goes to get him medicine. Soon after she’s captured and ends up being pulled into a situation between a witch and the kingdom. None of this shit has anything to do with Anna other than she was forcefully pulled into it by one of the parties for no reason other than they could.

Anna is a child, and almost everyone she deals with is an adult, most of them are… lacking in intellect. There’s a lot of different characters in this, and plenty of places you visit. Each major location is it’s own level, you never go back to prior major areas. Each major area has a bunch of places you can go in it, well for the most part anyways. The story is pretty simple, escape captivity, cure your grandpa, save the kingdom. There’s I believe five different major areas in the game, the captivity place, a town, a dungeon, the past, and the kingdom’s castle. This game is likely going to take you around six or so hours.

It’s fairly cutesy looking for a game that has a few deaths in it. Anna travels with a boy turned into a stuffed bear. Together they deal with a talking fox, a set of monster sisters that are effectively sirens in a pond who drag people to their deaths, a dragon, the devil, like it has a bunch of visually interesting characters, a few are interesting outside that as you learn about a couple of them at least. Most of the adult characters though are fairly rude to outright mean to Anna for no reason other than she’s a child and not dressed in pure gold and precious gems. It’s like holy fuck guys, it’s a CHILD on their OWN, fucking what the hell man? Be nice, fuck.

The game takes about eight hours to do absolutely everything in it, and that’s mostly because you have to travel back and forth from area to area fairly often. There’s a lot of instances where you have to click around to make Anna walk so you can get her close to things in order for the menu to pop up so you can interact with things. Oh and Anna walks, she has no urgency even though every cutscene has her freaking out about how her grandfather is dying, then immediately afterwards she walks as a snails pace. These issues could be fixed by doing a couple things, having her run or allowing you to double click on an area to make her run to it, and having it to where when you click out of an area, if you double click it just instantly moves you out of the area instead of making you watch Anna run/walk to the exit of the area. Every time a game doesn’t just automatically move you to the next area when you double click it I get another fucking grey hair and this shit needs to stop cause I’m already plenty grey damn it.

Overall it’s a decent game, it’s not one of their best games but it’s still fairly enjoyable. I like the art style of the game it’s super cute and I enjoy that the puzzles, while sometimes hard to figure out, aren’t filled with those stupid bullshit solutions that don’t have a basis in reality and therefore aren’t something a person would think of, I’m looking at you Monkey Island, fuck you. The voice acting is fairly well done, sometimes the grandfather doesn’t sound good but most of the time the VA is doing well and all the others do great too. It’s only serious drawback is that it can be fairly tedious because Anna is a slow drizzling shit in everything she does. A minor drawback is that not all the puzzles are intuitive, however, after you figure them out they make perfect sense.

Anna’s Quest was developed and published by Daedalic Entertainment.

Point of Sale: PS4, X1, Steam, Switch.

Price: $20.

A review copy of the game was provided by the devs.

darkmikasonfire awards Anna’s Quest the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval, even though Anna speed is about as fast as a slow drizzling shit that’s leaking down your drawers.