Almost my floor is a point and click game where you play as a man named Alex. He’s having a bad day, a really bad day. First he’s annoyed by his job, and honestly is just jaded with people and is tired as hell with them. I mean I get it, people suck ass, I feel him. His girlfriend, the love of his life, dumped his ass a weekish ago, and now he’s starting to crack mentally. He starts to see weird monsters and eyeballs everywhere he goes, unsure if he’s seeing monsters, going crazy, or is outright in hell, he has to figure things out and survive this twisted reality.

The game is pretty sure you’re looking at around four hours. The game has point and click and all of them are great, if you need to open a door you find keys, if you want to knock something off a shelf that’s too high to reach you throw a rock, all this shit, it makes sense. But it’s not just point and click, there’s other other little minigames in it, where a bar will show up and most of it is red with some green in it and a light goes from one end of the bar to the other, you have to click a button when it’s in the green or fail. I’m sure you can picture this now. They can sometimes be an issue as it moves pretty fast and if you fail one time then you die, granted the death scenes are all different between each of these minigames which is nice. There’s actually a lot of different death scenes in the game all of which are interesting the first time you see them at least.

There’s also a morality concept for the game there’s a good and bad way to deal with situations while you’re losing your fucking mind. The morality comes in the form of, you can deal with situations violently or by simply incapacitating things instead. During choices like this and after you’ve done whichever action you choose, you actually see and listen to an angel and devil version of you talk to you and each other which is funny. I think it might change the ending but I’m not one hundred percent sure.

You switch between two characters as well a couple times, most of the game you play as Alex, but sometimes you switch to a detective, the gameplay doesn’t change but you don’t see the insane demonic shit as the detective because, you know, he’s not nuts. He provides you an understanding behind what’s happening to not just Alex but a lot of people in the apartment complex. That being said I do prefer to act as Alex and he’s more fun since he’s batshit insane.

Overall the game is pretty good, I can’t talk a lot about it cause it’s narrative and short. However, the characters were mostly interesting, the puzzles were good and fairly easy to figure out because they were well made, and the items you find and use make fucking sense. So I’m really all for this game. The only drawbacks I had where sometimes I didn’t think of doing this correctly immediately but that’s more of a personal I’m a dumb-dumb issue rather than a game issue.

Almost My Floor was developed by Potata Company.

Point of Sale: Steam.

Price: $10 with a free Prologue Demo.

A review copy of the game was provided by the devs.

darkmikasonfire awards Almost My Floor the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.