Moncage is a perspective based puzzle game, you don’t play as anyone. It seems like you’re watching the life of a young man, his father was a soldier and the young man becomes one as well and you see how his life goes while working through this puzzles. All of the puzzles relate to him and you can find photos of him and his life throughout the game. The puzzle is a large box, and each side shows different scenes and you can reposition the box in such a way to have things align together between the different sides of the box. You use this to make things work, for instance there’s a trunk toy on one side and there’s a wheeled box on the other side, and they have the same design and color, so you align the front side of the trunk with the box to make it look like a full truck and the game says AH HA and makes it a proper truck on one side that then drives off leading you to a new scene.

…Well fuck, I just pretty much told you everything about the game… your first playthrough will take maybe two hours, but you can beat them game in around thirty-ish minutes once you know what you’re doing. The Puzzles and their solutions are the same each time you play it, so there isn’t a bunch of playthrough. If you collect all the pictures in the game you can immediately continue the game and are able to open a new ending, but you’re pretty much just playing the game a second time more quickly but with a few areas where you change what’s going on, it doesn’t change the puzzles it just causes things to break a little in a way I won’t explain, and there is an achievement for getting the secret ending, and another one for beating the game in under forty-five minutes. So if you collect all the photos you’ll have a playthrough of maybe two hours to get the standard and special ending, then another one that’ll be around thirty minutes to just beat the game in under forty-five minutes.

Okay I can’t really think of anything else to say about the game… that fact makes me sad, I really liked the game but I have so little to say about it since there’s not a lot here. I enjoyed the game overall, the only real issue I had with it is that some of the things you need to do are really confusing, I had to look up a walkthrough on youtube and had to use it… let’s be nice and say ‘a few’ times so I don’t seem quite as pathetic or stupid, can we do that please, pretty please? After looking at the answers I immediately kicked myself because it became so blatantly obvious, but it’s just hard to understand the first time around sometimes.

Moncage was developed and published by OPTILLUSION Games.

Point of Sale: Steam.

Price: $15.

A review copy of the game was provided by the devs.

darkmikasonfire awards Moncage the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.