Okay so I’m pretty sure I reviewed this on Steam way back when, or maybe I’m crazy cause I’ve reviewed this and the normal edition, and back when it was called Suicide Guy too, I’ve played a chunk of this many many times. So many times, they all blend together. I don’t know. Regardless, you play as some fat guy, you’ve drunk your drunken ass into a stupor and fallen asleep in your lazy boy recliner. Well as you’ve fallen asleep you’ve also dropped your bottle of beer, hadn’t even finished it. Your brain notices this and lets you know immediately in the dream world, so you’re going about trying to kill yourself in each dream in order to wake up.

There’s not a lot to talk about game wise, it’s a puzzle game, has some platforming. The puzzle is usually just trying to figure out how to kill yourself and then managing to do it. Every level is a completely new location so you have to figure it out, There’s only one way to off yourself in each level and they’re all unique to each other. Some levels you’re pissing off an animal somehow to make it kill you, others you’re falling to your death, some getting crushed, others blown up, it’s all over the place. The levels get harder to figure out and require more time to actually get to the point of killing yourself. It’s a nice difficulty curve, none of them are too hard but they do get ever so slightly more complex, so if your stuck you just have to sit there and think for a bit, you’ll figure it out fairly quickly.

There are some collectibles in the game, most of the levels have a statue/trophy you can pick up. They’re hidden out of the way, but they’re not too hard to find if you’re looking for them. That being said, they can take you some time to get to as not all of them are easy to get to, there are videos up showing you how to get to them if you don’t want to look or you’re having trouble finding one. Each statue is different looking too which is kinda cool.

This game comes with all the original game’s standard and bonus levels. But, it also includes more standard and bonus levels, I’m not sure how many more standard levels were added but you get another I think it was three bonus levels. As such, you get a bit more game with this along with everything you already knew. If you have a choice between this and the original and haven’t played either of them, just go with this one since it has everything the original had and even more in it.

I only really have two issues with the game. Some of the platforming is really shitty cause this game wasn’t really built for it, and a couple levels make it hard to jump on things due either because of how small they are or how far away they are. Because of that sometimes the platforming is a fucking chore and half. The other issue is that some levels require you to stack stuff on top of each other, and for some reason sometimes boxes go crazy for no reason and get pushed elsewhere or shot off like crazy, other times instead of going on a side it sits on a corner. The problem with it sitting on a corner is it’s like a diamond shape when it does that, at that point you can’t climb it and you can’t make it fall onto a flat service, meaning you have to reset the ENTIRE LEVEL to fix it, which is means you have to do all this shit over again which is annoying. The levels are super long but it’s annoying to have to redo shit you just did, that’s not fun, and there was one specific level that I had to replay like six times in a row because that kept happening and it was infuriating honestly. But only a couple levels did that crap and only one of them did it a lot.

Overall, I really enjoy these games. The puzzles are fun to figure out and don’t take long to do. The levels are completely different along with a different way of dying in each. There’s also collectibles just one per level, and unlike lots of people I actually like getting collectibles, it’s fulfilling for me. The issues with it are small and only exist for a few levels out of the lot of them, so they’re just barely even worth mentioning. If you’ve played the original I’m not sure if the added stuff in this is enough to justify buying it again unless it’s on some super sale. But I rather enjoy the game. I think most players like seeing how they can kill their character in games, this is a game all about doing exactly that.

I’ll also point this out, this game has been released as Suicide Guy, Suicide Guy: Sleepin’ Deeply, Sleepin’ Deeply, and Sleepin’ Guy. So if you have any of these you have likely the standard edition of the game, I understand why they changed the name from Suicide Guy, but there’s two other names and I don’t understand a change. Anyways that’s just for some information for you guys if you’re like this seems kinda familiar but I can’t find it on my list of owned games, it might be one of the other names.

Sleepin’ Guy: Deluxe Edition was developed and published by Fabio Ferrara.

Point of Sale: X1/ser and PS5.

Price: $10.

A review copy of the game was provided by the publishers Chubby Pixel.

darkmikasonfire awards Sleepin’ Guy: Deluxe Edition the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.