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Elijah is a man who can't stop talking about games, geeky things, and to the chagrin of his team, making horrible, HORRIBLE puns. He's Editor-in-Chief here at Indie Gamer Team, The Unabridged Gamer on YouTube, and Ink Blots & Madness on Tumblr. When not on here, you'll probably find him ranting on Twitter, maining Symmetra in Overwatch, writing, or replaying Dead Space 2 for the 150th time.

Getting FISH-y with Arthur Zeferino

The indie space is primarily known for 2D titles, but there’s been a growing surge in 3D indie titles. FISH is one such title, harkening back to the days of DOOM, but with a dash of Overwatch‘s Roadhog thrown into … Continue reading

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Pirate Pop Plus

Yarr, Pirate Pop Plus is an odd little game. You play as young salty dog, Pete Jr., who discovers his mates have been abducted by the notorious Bubble Pirate. Not that you go on a quest or anything, there be … Continue reading

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The Franz Kafka Videogame

It’s been ages since I’ve played a good puzzle game. I had hopes that The Franz Kafka Videogame would break this trend, but instead, it left me disinterested and annoyed. Developed by one man (Dennis Galanin), it manages to both … Continue reading

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DEX (PS Vita Port)

I really wanted to like DEX on the PS Vita. I’m a huge fan of the Deus Ex games and the PS Vita, so the idea of a solid 2D action-platformer-RPG inspired by Deus Ex released on PS Vita sounded … Continue reading

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