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Elijah is a man who can't stop talking about games, geeky things, and to the chagrin of his team, making horrible, HORRIBLE puns. He's Editor-in-Chief here at Indie Gamer Team, The Unabridged Gamer on YouTube, and Ink Blots & Madness on Tumblr. When not on here, you'll probably find him ranting on Twitter, maining Symmetra in Overwatch, writing, or replaying Dead Space 2 for the 150th time.

DEX (PS Vita Port)

I really wanted to like DEX on the PS Vita. I’m a huge fan of the Deus Ex games and the PS Vita, so the idea of a solid 2D action-platformer-RPG inspired by Deus Ex released on PS Vita sounded … Continue reading

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Stories: The Path of Destinies

Stories: The Path of Destinies is a clever little mixture of Groundhog Day, Bastion (the indie game, not the annoying robot in Overwatch), and a choose your own adventure book. Now if only it had a name that could be … Continue reading

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