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Handsome Mr. Frog

For me there is nothing better than having little, fun, arcade-y games in between big gaming sessions. Those little games that last about 3-10 minutes to play, but have you wanting ‘just one more go’. Handsome Mr Frog falls squarely … Continue reading

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What is #Indieween and #GamesMatter?

Leaves are falling, coffee is being infiltrated by pumpkin spice, and grocery stores are selling candy by the barrel full. Autumn is here, with Halloween on its way and our next #GamesMatter event close on its heels. We’d like to … Continue reading

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Getting FISH-y with Arthur Zeferino

The indie space is primarily known for 2D titles, but there’s been a growing surge in 3D indie titles. FISH is one such title, harkening back to the days of DOOM, but with a dash of Overwatch‘s Roadhog thrown into … Continue reading

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Viktor a Steampunk Adventure

Viktor, a Steampunk Adventure is a deceptively emotionally complex adventure game. It introduces itself as a story about a boar named Viktor, who after years of service to the Austria-Hungarian Empire, has grown tired of being a poor nobody. Viktor … Continue reading

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