1.jpgHidden Through Time is a hidden object puzzle game, ala “Where’s Waldo?” where instead of Waldo, you find numerous ummmm, well whatever the level wants you to find. Sometimes it’s people, most of the time it’s objects. You go through different periods of time: prehistoric (which they call cavemen), ancient Egypt, medieval, and the wild west, in that order even, I believe. There’s just as much story in the game as there is in a “Where’s Waldo?” book, ergo there is none.

Ummmm… it’s well colored, there’s not a lot to say about the game. You move a cursor around on the screen and click A when you’re around the object that’s made to be picked up, that’s it. Well sometimes objects are inside structures like tents or buildings, which you can click on to see inside the structures. Anything you click on makes a noise which is sometimes fairly cute. Ummmm…. I really can’t think of how else to pad this review out.

2.jpgI mean there’s a story mode which is what I talked about that doesn’t actually have a story, and an online mode which is more of the same just as maps made by other people. Some of those people are blatant assholes. I saw one where it was a bunch of small yellow chicks and the objects you had to find were small yellow objects hidden around this giant plot of yellow chicks. That person is a blatant fucking monster. But currently, most of them are fairly simple so people can get the achievement for finishing fifty online maps. As such the online mode isn’t all that important right now, maybe in a few months they’ll have a larger selection of real and interesting maps. There are a couple good ones on there right now, but not many. There are also a few bullshit ones that I spent forever on because they left stuff just barely sticking out from behind objects, just the tiniest bit, making it impossible to find the damn thing unless you know it’s there.

Really, that’s all there is for the game. You go around find items on the list, and click on them to mark them off the list, find them all to finish the level, and move on. That’s… that’s it, there’s honestly truly nothing more to it. I enjoyed the game and the artstyle is childlike and cute. It’s simple but fun, providing you like finding a bunch of shit, if not… well you probably won’t like it. But again, I liked it, however, I also really enjoy hidden object puzzles cause I’m a nerd so…


header.jpgHidden Through Time was developed by Crazy Monkey Studios

Point of Sale: Steam, Switch, X1, PS4



_The Seal.pngA review copy of the game was provided by the devs.

darkmikasonfire awards Hidden Through Time the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.