I don’t have too much to say about this one. In short, the game is enjoyable and the developer is taking a very active role in updating it as of writing, but it’s arguably a bit expensive at this point in time. Artificial Extinction is a single player, first person view, tower defense game that tasks you to survive nine days (levels) until your ship arrives to pick you up. You set up mines to obtain and manage three different resources: energy, metal, and fuel. Maximizing your fuel tank is essential if you want to get to the winning condition: obtain 100% charge and run to power your ship.

Up to five metal miners will be used for building ammo, energy miners, and your sentries. Energy is mined in order to power your sentries, metal for ammo to let the sentry shoot, and fuel to charge the ship. The game does a good job keeping you on your toes, with an AI companion warning you of new developments and advancements that you need to account for. As the enemy AI assault begins to encroach upon you from several angles of attack, the tension rises and you really start to feel frantic running across the map to supply your defenses.

The game does a good job slowly ramping up the difficulty, though some people may think the companion AI is a tad overly hand-holdy. I personally didn’t have any problems with it and I enjoyed the intel to guide my defenses. Once maps open up a bit, navigating between choke-points can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s part of what makes you feel like you’re being surrounded. Using the exact same setup every level won’t work, which helps in a game that currently has limited replayability. There is a survival mode already implemented in the game and the developer already laid out plans for some other extra goodies that are incoming. Enemy variety in the game is pretty nice, with different roles such as flying enemies or Area of Effect (AoE) bombers, which help to diversify your gameplay.

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Overall, there is a lot of good in Artificial Extinction. You aren’t given much breathing room to just sit and watch, which helps increase player engagement. It can take a little while and you can feel like you’re being run ragged, but the learning curve is very fair. I hope additions to the game will further sweeten what’s already a pretty great deal. I’ve already seen added content with a recently added sentry, so the future is looking bright for this game.


Artificial Extinction Out Now on PC | Invision Game CommunityArtificial Extinction is developed by 100Hr Games

Available on Steam ($19.99)


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