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I'm 25 years old and currently attending Spokane Community College and hoping to get a degree in journalism. I'm hoping to make video game journalism my full time job, with a Specific interest in working for Destructoid.

Hey, Hey You. Wanna Write for Indie Gamer Team?

Hello, I’m William, the editor and chief of IndieGamerTeam.Com. Over the last few days we’ve had a few people ask if they could write for us, but due to some tech issues (BOTH of my computers were fried and i … Continue reading

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Jettomero: Hero of the Universe

Jettomero: Hero of the Universe is the absolute worse kind of game to write a review for. It isn’t bad, but it does nothing interesting and doesn’t lend itself to any interesting discussion. Jettomero is the gamification of milquetoast radio-rock: … Continue reading

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Bear With Me Episode Three

The problem with reviewing episodic games is the fact that by the time the last episode comes out everything of interest has already been said. That’s the case here. If you’ve kept up with my reviews you already know everything … Continue reading

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Dusk Episode One

Dusk feels almost tailor-made for my particular brand of smug liberal elitism. It’s a game where you fight a magical cult of rural rednecks with nothing but the tools of human ingenuity. It’s a game where a god might be … Continue reading

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