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I'm 25 years old and currently attending Spokane Community College and hoping to get a degree in journalism. I'm hoping to make video game journalism my full time job, with a Specific interest in working for Destructoid.

Embers of Mirrim

Like its playable character, Embers of Mirrim is a game of two halves. One half is a fun platformer built on a solid and interesting set of mechanics, while the other  is a steaming pile of shit left behind from … Continue reading

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Mr Shifty

Mr. Shifty sells itself as a mix between Hotline Miami and Nightcrawler, but as you never have to sell questionably legal news footage to anyone, I don’t think that works. It’s really more a mix of Hotline Miami and that … Continue reading

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Bleed 2

If there was a core design philosophy behind Bleed 2, I think it would have been “do the same thing as before, but better”. In almost every way that matters, Bleed 2 feels like a more polished version of its … Continue reading

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When I first saw the trailer for Butcher I had two thoughts. The first was “Wow, this is some edgelord bullshit.” No joke – it’s the kind of thing only misanthropic high school nihilists would think up. It might not … Continue reading

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