What is #Indieween and #GamesMatter?

Leaves are falling, coffee is being infiltrated by pumpkin spice, and grocery stores are selling candy by the barrel full. Autumn is here, with Halloween on its way and our next #GamesMatter event close on its heels.

We’d like to give you a preview of our #Indieween event through this post, so all of yous can be prepared for our next indie game holiday.

What is #Indieween?

#Indieween is our Halloween indie game celebration! We’ll be throwing a huge amount of indie games at the community as if they were candy. We also will be featuring developers who donate game codes to the #Indieween cause in streamed and written interviews.

On October 31st, Halloween(!) we will be giving away hundreds of random, spare keys donated to us by the members of the community as our “Trick or Treat” event. Be sure to follow #Indieween and #GamesMatter on that day to participate!

What is #GamesMatter?

#GamesMatter is a series of social media events organized by the folks at IndieGamerChick.com and IndieGamerTeam.com.The goal is to simply put games in the hands of those looking for something to play, and get them talking about some indies that need exposure. In each major #GamesMatter event, we aim to..

  • Interview developers in both written and video format
  • Stream featured games on Twitch.tv or similar sites
  • Give away up to several hundred free games to the indie game community.

Rules for #GamesMatter events

  • One code per game, per household.
  • Codes must be redeemed immediately.
  • Tell us about the game you won! Did you like it? Why or why not? Would you recommend it to others? Details!
  • Have fun. Be chill. Don’t be rude to organizers or participants.

How to Contribute as a Game Developer

Email one of our event organizers! If you want to be involved, please let us know exactly what you want to do to help! If you have game codes to give away, or want to be interviewed by one of our team members, please reach out to us on Twitter or email one of our event organizers!

By submitting your game to participate, we will make you a custom “digital booth” page. Your digital booth will have screenshots and info about your game and a schedule for any giveaways or interviews.

How to Contribute as a Community Member

Share the events with your friends! We also accept extra Steam keys for giveaway if you want us to distribute them. If you want to give out games yourself, stream under the #GamesMatter tag, or host your own whole event please feel free to do so! Just let us know, so we are able to spread the word about your efforts. All we ask is that you adhere to the above rules of participation.

When is your next event?

October 27 -> November 3rd


Reach out to any of our team for any questions you have about #Indieween!

Sam Adonis – Twitter Email

IndieGamerChick – Twitter

OzIndie – Twitter

Marc Straight –  Twitter


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What Ever Happened to IndieGameStand?

IndieGameStand.com was a website founded to be a competitor to things like the Humble Bundle store or GamersGate. It would allow a wider range of games than Steam would at the time and be more accessible and profitable for game developers. The original owner of IndieGameStand even maintained a blog, which you may be familiar with for breaking the news about how bad key scammers like G2A were.

Fast forward to Spring of 2016 when IndieGameStand was sold to a new company. Everything was fine for a while, though there were more frequent issues and less communication from the site administrator. The site went down for maintenance in July of 2017, promising to make things better.


IndieGameStand is still down. Developers have not been able to access their earnings, or gamers able to access their games. People enrolled in the once reputable storefront’s monthly curation service are even unable to cancel their subscriptions. Concerned customers have been trying to find contact info for the owner of the site for weeks now, which you can read about on Steam. There has been little luck in this pursuit. Everything’s gone, and the owner is in the wind.

This is crazy levels of frustrating, not only as someone who used to love IndieGameStand, but as a fan of alternatives to Steam. If anyone has any more insight as to solutions for S.O.L. gamers and developers, please let me know so I can update this post.

For full disclosure, I spent a few months writing for IndieGameStand’s blog with the original owners, and as their Reddit/r/GameDeals representative.

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Getting FISH-y with Arthur Zeferino

The indie space is primarily known for 2D titles, but there’s been a growing surge in 3D indie titles. FISH is one such title, harkening back to the days of DOOM, but with a dash of Overwatch‘s Roadhog thrown into the mix. I got the chance to converse with FISH‘s sole developer Arthur Zeferino over e-mail about his upcoming retro-FPS.

Elijah Beahm: For those who don’t know, what is FISH?

Arthur Zeferino: FISH is a First Person Shooter with gameplay inspired by 90’s FPS and a with hookshot! Fishmen pirates have taken over the island of San Esteban and you play as a burly fisherman helping the resistance to take the island back.

EB: What originally inspired FISH?

AZ: DOOM, Quake, and Duke Nukem 3D obviously. The whole caribbean theme comes from a Brazilian soap opera called Kubanacan, I always joked about making a game based on that and when I was deciding about the theme of the game I thought “why not?”. The whole “fishmen pirates” thing was inspired by One Piece though, I’m a big fan.

EB: What drew you to making a 90’s style FPS, and what challenges have you faced during development?

AZ: Well, it’s 2017 and I still play DOOM and Quake regularly, 2 years ago I was replaying Quake and noticed that there are no games like these anymore, FPS are either aiming for “cinematic experiences” like Call of Duty or are arena shooters like Serious Sam, so I decided to do it myself. I can see that I was not the only one since there are plenty of other games like Strafe and Dusk coming out now.

Mixing 2D sprites with 3D graphics is not something most engines expect you to do, so I had my share of problems with that. But I think the biggest challenge was getting the hook right, it went through a few iterations and I’ll probably still have to make a few tweets so to be sure that it doesn’t brake the game.

EB: What particular elements of shooters like DOOM and Quake do you look to as an FPS designer?

AZ: One thing I’m really trying to get right is the exploration part of these games. There was a lot backtracking and searching for secrets in them that I miss in modern games of the genre.

EB: What brought about the hookshot ability?

AZ: Most people compare it to Overwatch‘s Roadhog but I was actually thinking of Zelda‘s hookshot when I did it. You can pull enemies, items and pull yourself to places. I actually thought of it once I decided that the main character would be a fisherman and started thinking what kind of weapons a fisherman could have.

EB: What’s your favorite part of FISH? What surprised you the most?

AZ: I’m enjoying designing enemies and researching about fishes and pirates for that, I’m pretty proud of what I achieved visually.

I’m surprised by how many possibilities that theme is bringing me, I have a lot of enemy ideas based on real fish and it’s sad that I wont have time to put all of them in the game.

EB: What got you into indie game development?

AZ: I’ve worked in a few Brazilian gaming companies, but most companies over here are focused on safer investments like F2P mobile games and adver-games. I decided to go indie so I could make games that I wanted to play.

EB: How’s work as a game developer in Brazil? I’ve heard word the games industry is a growing sector in South America.

AZ: It’s growing but it’s still a hard path to follow. Most people don’t understand what we do and don’t take the industry seriously, there are very few gaming companies so it’s hard to get a steady job in the area and when you do, salaries are low compared to other areas (specially for programmers), so people that insist in the games industry here are very passionate about it. Things seem to be getting more stable now, the government is starting to pay attention to the area and some local indies are starting to get recognition, but we still have a long way to go.

EB: What’s something you’d like to try in the future once you set FISH free to swim out in the wild? (Excuse the pun!)

AZ: I’m not sure yet but I would like to try other genres and maybe some more serious themes, games still have a lot to explore.

For more about FISH, be sure to check out Arthur’s blog and Twitter.

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Super Hot

Please forgive me for being so blunt,
But this game, to review, is a bit of a cunt.
Everything of note has already been said,
So any interesting conversation is dead.
Time here only moves when you do,
So each level is as slow as taking a poo.
But unlike your shit,
The story is full of wit;
Everything else is better left unsaid,
So the game can really fuck with your head.
I will say this, I think the game is a little too short:
There just aren’t enough levels to thwart.
Even in endless mode,
It needs more bad guys to explode .
While, to be interesting, I had to write this in rhyme,
Super Hot is definetly worth your time.
What, no I didn’t steal this from ZP,
The Idea was mine, all me.

(Editor’s Note: Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Super-)

headerSuper Hot was developed by Super Hot Team

Point of Sale: Steam, PS4, Xbox One

$25.99: Maybe take this purchase a bit slow, if you’re short on dow.

A review copy of Super Hot was provided


William Shelton is awarding Super Hot the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.

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