One Eyed Kutkh is a point and click game that I assume is for young children. You play as Kutkh an alien that has crash landed on a tiny planet. The crash has damaged your ship and you need to collect the parts to get off the planet and go home. That’s it.

2.jpgThere’s no words, no language, there is gibberish sounds the characters ‘speak’ with but otherwise everything is stated through basic pictures. This is brought maybe a bit too far. For example the entire settings menu is all pictures too and honestly thanks to that I have no idea what all of the very minimal settings do. I know one shows credits and I THINK one lets you replay chunks of the game, and the last one I have no idea what it does because messing with it didn’t seem to do anything.

I didn’t like the no words, all picture way of telling the story. The concept has worked in other games, but it didn’t here. There were a few times I couldn’t figure out exactly what to do because the pictures just didn’t mean anything to me. Thankfully most of them were simple. I guess I just don’t have quite the child’s imagination anymore, I don’t know.

1.jpgI’d tell you more about the game but it took me like forty to fifty minutes to beat. Oh uh the sound, I stated that everyone spoke gibberish; yeah it was annoying. The music I don’t know if it was all similar or just the same but it rather quickly got on my nerves so I put on headphones and listened to a podcast while playing it. It’s not that the music itself was terrible or anything, but you can’t listen to JUST THAT, for fucking 50 minutes. Just no. Fuck. That.

At first I thought it was going to be a bit childish because of the general look of the game but I didn’t realize it was going to be quite as ‘for kids’ as it actually was. I was expecting something more akin to like TSIOQUE or Monkey Island or something, something for older kids around pre-teen level and the like. This was for young, young kids; if they understand how to play Fortnite they are over-prepared for this game. This is like baby’s first game type game; right up there with games that teach basic maths.

Because of this, it ended up not being fun for me. But I’m, at least I fucking hope, not the target demographic for this game. I also haven’t found a need to pop out a kid so I don’t have that to play this either. I thought it was cute sometimes but overall this was fairly bland and yeah. I’m also slightly biased as I don’t much care for point and clicks but even if I was I think this is quite simply just too basic and kiddy for me or most of you for that matter.


header.jpgOne Eyed Kutkh was developed by: Baba Yaga Games

Point of Sale: Steam, X1, PS4, PS Vita, Switch

$3 on Steam, $5 everywhere else


A review copy was provided by the developer Baba Yaga Games.

darkmikasonfire has awarded Kutkh a quick death, but that’s it.


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kgKI4RHi2kKtHJheyKdWxaLdgOR8bbdC.pngGRIS is a 2D puzzle platformer. You play as, unknown girl. She’s super cool she has like hands and feet and stuff. Super personality too with her ummm… zero, wait… no, yeah zero lines. It’s a story about loss and dealing with it. It’s heavy on the symbolism but not exactly blatant or not blatant. And let me explain that. There are some achievements you get for finding statues as well as an extra cutscene that explains more of the story by finding mementos. If you find these things it’s fairly fucking blatant that it’s about loss and dealing with it. If you don’t find those things, well I’m not good at symbolism at all; I don’t think symbolism in this would actually tell you anything if you didn’t already know. As such if you don’t find all the stuff, it doesn’t seem as blatant, because the stuff you find is the blatant stuff.


1.jpgNow generally I hate platformers, many of them feel sticky, icy, heavy, or require a fucking stupid amount of precision. So again, fuck platformers. This one however, there was weight to the character but not too much so jumps felt right, when you land you LAND it’s not a fucking slip and slide for once which is a goddamn miracle. And I don’t remember a single area that didn’t give you a mile of ground to land on so you know nuclear bomb levels close is enough, cause fuck horseshoes and grenades, well don’t really fuck them, well I guess if you want you can fuck a horseshoe… anyways, moving on. There’s also swimming mechanics later in the game which are umm well awesome honestly. You do super jumps in the game that end up feeling perfect for the game and swimming feels just like that times ten easily. It’s just fucking fantastic.


There’s two major parts of symbolism in the game, that aren’t overtly blatant. One is that, and someone pointed this out to me, that your character loses their voice. From logic I used that knowledge with the bouts of crippling depression I sometimes run into. Losing her voice took her agency, she can’t cry out, she can’t ask for help, she can speak her problems; she can’t do anything but be silent in her misery. Upon going through the game she gets abilities including eventually her voice back, each one of these abilities at least seem to be about moving forward with life, accepting the loss and finally gaining her voice back.


2.jpgThe other form of symbolism comes from how colors exist in the game. The world is normal, well for that world any fucking way cause it’s fucking weird. But then she feels the loss and everything becomes grey and drab and colorless exactly how the world looks when you’ve been pushed deep into extreme sadness from a loss. And all the colors that come back align with the stages of grief, which is somewhat overt if you know that’s what the colors signify. It becomes obvious if you find the statues as they are named after those stages then it’s all about just putting one and one the fuck together and it’s like OH no shit.


3.jpgNow as stated the game starts off with color and goes immediately into drab greys because fuck life. However even then, at least to me, it’s still a beautiful game because it’s highly stylized. Every environment is its own place. They all feel distinct, they all work, and you transition between them really nicely. As you play the game you reintroduce color back into the world which makes it brighter and more colorful and just stunning. A big part of this is because they made things organic but still highly angular looking which is an interesting look. It’s also highly difficult to pull off because organic and angular tend to be considered opposites, usually organic is tied to roundness to curves, angular is very sharp; it’s awkward to mix the two and hard to make something feel just right. I think that’s because the game is both complex and simplistic looking. Everything is mostly made up of basic shapes, they’re almost all organic because they flutter and move but they’re still a good chunk of ovals, squares, triangles, circles, tubes that makes up everything which makes it feel sharper, or more angular, than it actually is. So it’s simplistic in that sense, however it’s a giant fucking grand tapestry of all these things pressed together. So it’s all simplistic but you still find yourself in awe a good chunk of the time, and not in the bad way.


Well so far you’ve seen me explain how good it feels, how good it looks, and the general concept of the story because you fuckers can play it if you want to know more about the story. So now we’ll move into music, it was good. There you go, you’ll notice I don’t talk about music, its cause quite frankly I don’t give a fuck about music, I had a movie on in the background while I was playing this game. I know people put a lot of effort into the music in games but I just never much cared about music, so when I mention it, it’s cause it was good, or I guess cause it was fucking horrid. But it was good in this one. This will likely become a well-loved soundtrack to many. The sounds however were fantastic in this game, from animals you hear moving, to splashes from going in and out of water, to environmental noises; and lastly to the characters voice when she gets it back. They’re great, and her little song thing is beautiful and I love it, that is something I actually really loved that bit of music the character herself makes.


4.jpgNow some people stated they didn’t like the start of the game, I did, I thought it worked really well. Lots of people state the start is boring and annoying, I loved it. Now does it stack up to later levels? Fuck no. but every level gives you more abilities, brings more color to the game, and gives you more complex puzzles. At the start of the game you have the ability to run and do a basic jump, nothing else. I mean you can’t expect to have some amazing thing during a time when you have nothing and everything purposeful looks like shades of grey. Is the first level too long? Maybe, I’m not a good judge of that myself. I didn’t think it was bad myself. I was looking for collectables and admiring the environment and how it moved and worked for a good chunk of the game which means I was spending a fuckton of time in every area, so I don’t feel that the first level was too long at all, but I will admit it is the most boring part of the game. That being said, the most boring part of EVERY game is the point when you have no powers, no weapons, no fucking anything, which is usually the beginning of the game.


5.jpgI only have a few real issues with the game. One the camera fucking zooms out soooooooo goddamn much, and that makes it hard to see where you are or what you’re doing sometimes, especially for blind fucks like me. Another issue is sometimes it’s hard to tell what is a middle-ground object you can interact with and what’s in the background, there is typically a tale for it, items you can jump on have a white line on top of them that’s itty bitty, and  there’s also objects you can break which usually reveals birds and well you can just barely see the birds behind those objects, this doesn’t help blind fucks like me though, and when the game zooms out that just amplifies the issue. The last issue is that sometimes you blend into the the background and/or foreground elements which usually happens when the game zooms out. Sometimes the color you are is either the same as the general background or a piece of the foreground is on screen and is the same color making you disappear. Usually the foreground object is fog or mist or some shit, which makes it hard to see your character in the middle-ground and fucking of course most of the time this happens the camera zooms out and inevitably your character is the same fucking general color as the background. That makes it hard to see but add a fucking mist/fog in the foreground and you are completely FUCKED. Basically the zooming out, if there’s an issue that fucking causes it. It looks pretty but it sucks donkey dick a quarter of the time if not more. It’s like yes the level is gorgeous and I like looking at it, but I want to SEE WHAT THE FUCK I’M DOING! Thankfully while these issues pissed me off, most of them were rare, just when they happened they made me wanna punch a hole in the fucking screen. The only one that happens constantly is more of a personal issue wit the not knowing what’s in the background and what’s in the middle-ground with you and that’s cause I’m a blind shit, you guys probably won’t have any issues with that. That was everywhere for me, I just tired to break fucking everything and tried to jump on top of everything.



header.jpgGRIS was developed by: Nomada Studio

Point of Sale: Steam, Switch

$17: Of love and loss, an untold story of beauty



The Seal.pngA review copy was provided as a gift.


darkmikasonfire has awarded GRIS The Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.




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The Gardens Between

3.jpgThe Gardens Between is a straight forward and fairly easy puzzle game. You control time moving two characters and the environment forward or backwards. The characters can interact with items in the environment which can affect how items move when you mess with the time. They can even move some minor things as well on their own through time. The point of the game is to get them from the start of the level to the end with a light to activate a light tower to get to the next level.



A memory

The two characters are Arina and her male friend who is never named. They start out in a tree house during a storm and get transported to this land. This weird time controlling land is made up of all their shared memories from their first meeting when Arina moved next door, to their various adventures and times of just hanging out. I’m not going to tell you the ending but it’s bittersweet and explains why this magical land they’re exploring exists.



All the interact-able items in one place woot great picture. Bottom Left blue stuff lets the characters control the flow of time for specific items. Upper Middle an open black hole flower. Middle Left is a dark blue block with a close light flower on it. ALL THE THINGS!!!!

There’s no real story to speak of, they’re just memories you’re looking at that’s all until the very end which explains everything. Every level has its own little mini theme and every couple of levels are themed together to come up with a full memory that the player gets to watch. The game requires you to get a lantern to the end of the level with a light in it. The characters can interact with items that control the flow of time to certain items and also interact with pulling switches, like you’d find on your ceiling fan. These pulling switches open and close different flowers some of which have lights for the lanterns others which have a black hole that sucks the light out. They also sometimes interact with little robotic cubes that can carry the lanterns, these robots jump around the screen for the duo to get the light past obstacles like the black hole flowers. The puzzles are overall really easy but sometimes they require you to step back and think outside the box a little, but even then it’s not too hard. The hard part is just realizing you have to think outside the box in the first place.



Upper Left is a pulley switch for flowers, and the characters are at the end of the level.

My only real issues with the game are that first off it’s really short you can beat the game in an hour or two and I really just I want more so bad it was so good. The second and third issue are both personal ones that don’t matter to next to anyone but one is that the male character is never named and that just annoys me. The last one is that one of the final missions you use lightening to get through the level as such it flashes a lot; I’m highly photosensitive and photo-phobic so that was really hard to finish and took a long period of time to actual get through because I simply couldn’t play it straight. The lightening mechanic was really cool though.


header.jpgThe Gardens Between was developed by: The Voxel Agents

Point of Sale: Steam, PS4, X1, Switch, Mac App

$15.00 on mac, $20.00 everywhere else: Relive your memories, or I guess quit the game.


The Seal.pngA review copy was provided by the developer The Voxel Agents.

darkmikasonfire has awarded The Gardens Between The Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval and if she could she’d do it a few times over.




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Tetra’s Escape

SQ_NSwitchDS_TetrasEscape.jpgTetra’s Escape is a puzzle semi-platformer. I call it a semi-platformer cause it’s not really a platformer. I’ll explain soon I promise. You play as a square, well a bunch of squares, many of them turn into different large Tetris blocks. They change into these blocks to allow one that doesn’t change (typically) to get to the end of the level. They can climb one block up at a time, so you have to make staircases to climb up areas. That’s why it’s a semi-platformer to me. There doesn’t seem to be a story though otherwise.


The game has 10 ‘worlds’ which seem to all be 8 levels long. Each world gives you a new thing you can do with the characters that turn into Tetris blocks. For instance first you get to change into Tetris blocks, then the next world has characters that change between different types of Tetris blocks, the next lets you rotate the boxes, etc. Allowing its difficulty to rise continuously; it seems like a children’s game but it has already stumped me numerous times and I haven’t even managed to get halfway through it yet. The start of each world has two or three levels that are pretty easy to complete, then they get harder making you use everything you’ve learned to get through them, and they get HARD very FAST.


ss_01.jpgIt’s really bright and colorful, it’s happy sounding. It feels like it should be a children’s game, but it’s so goddamn hard. This is like old style kids games that use to each up quarters at arcades. I’m good at and love puzzles and some of these just get really hard. Granted that’s because there’s 3 stars and a cup you can collect in the level, and you have to collect all of them in a single go to get credit for them which is what I’m doing with every level. Beating most of the levels in and of itself isn’t very hard usually, but getting all those stars and the cup is difficult as hell.


I’d love to have more to say about the game, but… honestly there’s not much to say, basically it boils down to using Tetris blocks to made a path from a character to the level’s end. Outside of its basic features… it’s just barely more than those basic features, the few abilities you get that make it harder and the fact that you get to choose which block out of a couple most change into. It’s a very very simple basic game and that’s its charm it doesn’t need convoluted features. Just a basic puzzle game can be very difficult if it challenges the brain in new ways and this one does that fairly well, maybe a bit too well. I’m not sure many people will finish this while collecting everything without a walkthrough.


banner.jpgTetra’s Escape was developed by: Ratalaika Games

Point of Sale: Steam, PS4, X1, Switch

$5.00: Escape this Tetris hell.


The Seal.pngA review copy was provided by the developer Ratalaika Games.

darkmikasonfire has awarded Tetra’s Escape The Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval

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