Super Hot

Please forgive me for being so blunt,
But this game, to review, is a bit of a cunt.
Everything of note has already been said,
So any interesting conversation is dead.
Time here only moves when you do,
So each level is as slow as taking a poo.
But unlike your shit,
The story is full of wit;
Everything else is better left unsaid,
So the game can really fuck with your head.
I will say this, I think the game is a little too short:
There just aren’t enough levels to thwart.
Even in endless mode,
It needs more bad guys to explode .
While, to be interesting, I had to write this in rhyme,
Super Hot is definetly worth your time.
What, no I didn’t steal this from ZP,
The Idea was mine, all me.

(Editor’s Note: Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Super-)

headerSuper Hot was developed by Super Hot Team

Point of Sale: Steam, PS4, Xbox One

$25.99: Maybe take this purchase a bit slow, if you’re short on dow.

A review copy of Super Hot was provided


William Shelton is awarding Super Hot the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.


About William Shelton

I'm 25 years old and currently attending Spokane Community College and hoping to get a degree in journalism. I'm hoping to make video game journalism my full time job, with a Specific interest in working for Destructoid.
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