Please forgive me for being so blunt,
But this game, to review, is a bit of a cunt.
Everything of note has already been said,
So any interesting conversation is dead.
Time here only moves when you do,
So each level is as slow as taking a poo.
But unlike your shit,
The story is full of wit;
Everything else is better left unsaid,
So the game can really fuck with your head.
I will say this, I think the game is a little too short:
There just aren’t enough levels to thwart.
Even in endless mode,
It needs more bad guys to explode .
While, to be interesting, I had to write this in rhyme,
Super Hot is definetly worth your time.
What, no I didn’t steal this from ZP,
The Idea was mine, all me.

(Editor’s Note: Super. Hot. Super. Hot. Super-)

headerSuper Hot was developed by Super Hot Team

Point of Sale: Steam, PS4, Xbox One

$25.99: Maybe take this purchase a bit slow, if you’re short on dow.

A review copy of Super Hot was provided


William Shelton is awarding Super Hot the Indie Gamer Team Seal of Approval.