Hello, I’m William, the editor and chief of IndieGamerTeam.Com. Over the last few days we’ve had a few people ask if they could write for us, but due to some tech issues (BOTH of my computers were fried and i had to buy a new laptop) i completely ignored them. PROFESSIONALISM!!!

Okay, for real now. If you want to write for IndieGamerTeam.com…okay. We’re here to help people find their voice and audience. We’re not too strict. We have a few basic rules which i’ll go into in just a sec, but yeah, more or less if you want to write for us we’re cool with it.

So, those rules:

  1. We have the easiest style guide there is, fallow it. We see reviews as entertainment. I personally love academic style essays about games, but that’s not what we do. If you’re not comfortable writing entertainment focused reviews on a game, then that’s not a game you should review for us. Other basic format rules we’ll go over once you’re part of the team.
  2. Don’t be toxic. We more or less don’t care about you’re political stance or where you stand on this or that issue (Nazi’s being the only exception. You all can fuck off). But if you’re going to be toxic you can also fuck off. And seriously, i shouldn’t have to spell out what that means. You can be abrasives in your writing, but if entire group of people feel like they aren’t welcome reading the writing on our site or writing for us, then you can piss off.
  3. We don’t do news or previews or early access reviews.
  4. You have to have a Skype, that’s how i contact people for edits.
  5. Site writers help share everyone else work. Again, we want to help you find your audience, which is why we do this.
  6. We are an enthuses site, so we’re not rolling in doe. As such, we don’t pay. But you will get the experience of working with an editor and have a pretty open environment to explore who you are as a writer.

If that sounds good to you, send an email to me at ludophilewill@gmail.com, with a few pieces of your writing attached.

And please keep in mind: i work almost full time and will start school again in August, so i’m not going to be free all the time. i’ll get back to you as soon as i can.