If you know me, you could be forgiven for thing i’ve been too busy to review MotherGunShip over the last few months, and that’s why I haven’t reviewed it yet. However, that’s not true this time. No, i’ve been sitting on this one for a while to figure out what to say. See, I know how I feel about the game, but i’m still not sure why. I kind of hate MotherGunShip, and i’ll be the first person to tell you I don’t think I should. It’s not broken in any meaningful way; it’s the game I was promised in the trailers, the very ones that got me hyped to begin with. But the second I got my hands on the game I just….didn’t like it.

My big issue with the MotherGunShip is the movement. See, much like the developers last game, Tower of Guns, this bills itself as a first person bullethell. While i’ve never been the biggest bullethell fan the idea did intrigued me. But once I started playing I found the character moved too sluggishly. There were a lot of hits and deaths I felt could have and should have been avoidable, but I just couldn’t motivate the player character to move his fat ass fast enough. Hell, I think you could have stuck my literal fat ass in the game world and I could have more easily avoided more of the giant lumbering bullets the game throws at you. I was expecting a much faster paced game, and not getting that pretty much single-handedly killed the game for me.


The levels are also a huge issue. MotherGunShip suffers from the roguelike problem; i.e. in order to make the game repayable, the levels need up feeling repetitive and never stand out. I don’t think any of MotherGunShips levels are randomly generated, but they feel like it. It’s one metallic hallway after another. Now, I play and like plenty of roguelikes, but this is always a hurdle they have to overcome to be enjoyable to me. They gave to do something to make the game entertaining. And like I said earlier, I just didn’t find MotherGunShip all that fun to play. So all this did is exacerbate my not liking it.


Again, I really, really wanted to like this. I was super excited for the game when I saw the trailers. The game does seem to be doing well with other critics, and I can’t say I don’t see where they are coming from. I know I didn’t say much about the game, but I just don’t have much too say. I just did not have fun with MotherGunShip. I know this is the single most useless thing a critic can say but: if you’re interested in the game, see if there is a demo.