Microsoft once released a product called Microsoft Bob back when computers were still in their infancy. The Idea was to make an overwhelming flow of info simpler for users in hopes to speed up computer adaption. On release, however, users found the reality to be more cumbersome adding extra time to everyday tasks. Rising Star 2 is very similar in a number of ways.

First off, the graphics look very outdated, feeling more like the Sims 2 (circa 2004). To do EVERYTHING you have to physically walk up to it. When you want to buy new instruments you have to drive there yourself. None of this makes the management side better. The driving penalties are overkill, and if realistic, they’ve officially killed my dreams of being a famous triangle player. The extra stat point or two given by the different brands of instrument don’t provide any meaningful changes, furthering the clumsy feel.

There’s a Reason I don’t drive

The venue system is also made as clear as mud. Do I promote across venues to get gigs? Do I focus on one to get gigs there? Is that gate locked by a manager (not present in demo)? Who knows? The game sets no benchmarks to guide you. I just graduated high school and I couldn’t imagine my parents going “Well he made it to elementary school, guess we can check back in 12 years, he’ll be fine”. It just doesn’t feel right. The odd jobs you do to earn money also have nothing to do with your music skills, which is odd to me, as it seems if you wanna get famous and well known, you’d use them in some way to progress. Overall, Rising Star 2 is a hot mess with a clunky UI that covers for its lack of management fun.


header.jpgRising Star 2 was developed by Gilligames.

Point of Sale: Steam.

Price is currently unknown as it isn’t at release yet


A demo of the game was provided by the devs.

djf1107 does not recommend Rising Star 2.